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Who Is This For?

Does that sound like you?

Who Is This Not For?

  • Promote A Book is definitely NOT for anyone who wants to buy his or her way onto a best-seller list.
  • It’s not for anyone who doesn’t see a book as a stepping-stone toward doing even greater things.
  • It’s not for brick-and-mortar store owners (unless they’re authors with their own books), nor is it for fiction authors (who have different needs).

But it may be for you.

Let’s talk.

Working With Us

Promote A Book has a process that has worked 82 times, it’s designed to help catapult you to success:

1. Strategic Brainstorming

We begin by meeting with you and your team in a brainstorming session where we formulate a long-term strategy to increase your business, using your book as our main tool.

In this meeting, Michael Drew will determine your needs and resources, explore tactics, and will clarify your goals, benefits, and identify key indicators of success.

2. Master Marketing Plan

After the meeting, we’ll help you create and execute a master marketing plan.

This will allow for the greatest return from your resources, from Michael Drew’s experience and knowledge and from the combined reach of yours and our networks.

3. Promotion Assistance

You’ll get advise and assistance in all aspects of promotion and media planning.

This includes suggestions on your book’s title, securing big-name book endorsements, and even choosing an experienced book publicist.

Michael Drew can also supply lists and advice for reaching out to bookstores to increase shelf space. He can help you set up direct-mail or telemarketing projects to increase your book’s chances of reaching the best-seller list.

4. Best-seller List Reporting

We’ll work directly with booksellers and best seller-list media to facilitate the reporting of your book sales to the appropriate best-seller lists, and is vigilant in ensuring that no mistakes are made or, if there’s a reporting error, that it’s corrected immediately.

Typical Project Costs

These vary depending on the strategy we create, the duration of the project, expenses, and the state of the existing author/publisher platform. To keep this simple, Promote A Book offers two simple solutions:

Solution 1 – Basic

Best-seller List Reporting ONLY:

    $25,000 + $20,000 bonus per major list made to a maximum of $60,000 in bonuses

Solution 2 – Complete

Strategic Brainstorm, Master Marketing Plan, Promotion Assistance & Best-seller List Reporting:

    $35,000 + $20,000 bonus per major list made to a maximum of $60,000 in bonuses