The Process

Promote A Book makes the publication of each title an event.

That means that each book gets the Harry Potter treatment.

You may recall that as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books grew increasingly popular with each successive title, retailers (and the publisher) created something special out of each release.

You’ve read reports and seen television news segments about the all-night parties with readers dressed as their favorite Harry Potter characters, camping out at bookstores in eager anticipation of the midnight release.

What you may not have known is how orchestrated the sales of every Potter book were.

There is a Method Behind Fanatical Madness

When each Harry Potter  title was announced, up to two years before its actual release, people would go to stores and pre-order the book, or do the same online. The publisher, and retailers, would agree to embargo the book so that all data for those sold copies would be released on the very same day (often beginning at midnight).

On that official opening day, those accumulated, pent-up sales would be dumped into the retailers’ reporting systems and the book would launch at number one, often breaking day and week sales records.

Orchestrating Your Own Bestseller Launch

Publishers and retailers work together to create this kind of marketing and sales approach for only one or two books a year, and not the 99.9% of other books that are published. Promote A Book does this with every title it works with, with every author it represents.

We “embargo” the book, in effect, asking retailers to hold sales until the publisher’s prescribed sales date (other times, often books are sold before their official release). We do exactly what a publisher would do with a book, only we work with the retailers directly.

We take orders, sell the book to the consumer, and hold those sales until the release of the book. It’s a controlled release that’s entirely above board and ethical.

And just as with the phenomenally successful Harry Potter books, your book becomes an instant best seller, thanks to actual sales from actual individual consumers who have bought actual books at an actual retailer. Our clients don’t warehouse books or buy in bulk: their books are sold to readers, and those books become best sellers.

What Will a Best-selling Book Do for You?

Once you have reached the best seller list, you are there. You’ve arrived. You’ve made it! It’s a real achievement. No one can take that away from you. For the rest of your life (and for a long time afterward), you will be referred to as “the best-selling author of Your Book.”

What you can gain from this new title and status is limited only by your imagination, and increased by your platform and ability to capitalize on this new-found power.

Bestseller Benefits

Here are some immediate benefits you’ll acquire by having a national best seller:

  • Improved name recognition in your industry.
  • Better book distribution — stores increase shelf-space for your best-selling book and for subsequent books by you, the bestselling author.
  • Greater media exposure for you, your book, and your ideas. You’ve become an expert.
  • Increased speaking and consulting fees.
  • Increased consumer awareness and with it greater growth in your business.
  • Stronger brand name and company identity (and as with increased consumer awareness, a greater growth for your business)
  • Bigger and better deals from publishers on your next book(s).
  • Not only fame, but probably fortune, and definitely the opportunity and the ability to make a difference.

Book Marketing and Branding: How do you get a best-selling book?

You can reach the national best-seller lists in any of four different ways:

#1 You work hard and spend hard.    This the tried-and-true way. You do everything from the ground up. You begin with a universal topic that no one can afford to ignore. You create a compelling book out of that topic. You spend millions to run a wide-reaching ad and promotional campaign for your book. You set up major-league, innovative book events in at least 50 cities around the country during the first week the book is on sale. You spend many thousands of dollars on your PR campaign, and make sure to include expensive satellite media tours, national morning drive radio tours, and everything else you can think of. You start planning your launch two or three years in advance of initial publication. This is an effective way to get a best seller, and it often works. But it’s not cheap. Not by a long shot.

#2 You get lucky.    This requires blind faith that you’re going to win the best seller lotto. You can always hope your book gets noticed by some super-powerful media mogul who wants to do everything possible to tell the entire planet about you and your work at his or her own expense. Possible? Yes. Probable? Well, no.

#3 You rig it.    This is both unethical and quite probably detrimental to your career. If you have enough money, you can certainly fill a warehouse with your own books, the books you’ve bought to get your name on a list. But do you really want your success that badly? Are you willing to risk your reputation by bulk sales that come off as the desperate act of a desperate writer? Best case scenario — you don’t hit the best-seller list, but you hit the front page with a scandal story. Worst case: The best-seller lists ignore you by not counting any of your books as sold. A waste of money and a loss of reputation.

#4 You get smart.    This is where Promote A Book comes in. It’s not easy (you’ll be doing work), but we know what to do and how to do it. Michael Drew will help you identify resources, prepare your team, and direct your efforts toward the most productive and cost-effective methods for reaching the bestseller lists.

Ideally, every book sold to a customer is a book reported to the lists. This way, you’re not grasping at straws and hoping you have what it takes or praying you’ve sold enough books. You simply know, because you now have a proven winner on your team. You’ve got Promote A Book.

Find out if Promote A Book can help you with your potentially life-changing best seller by Applying Today.