Past Successes

Who’s Already Made Their Book Work For Their Business?

Here are many of the 82 consecutive books that have reached the best-seller lists. Each best seller averages four (4) major national best-seller lists. You might be wondering how every client has made at least one of the lists. Well, that’s easy: we only take on clients (for best-seller campaigns) who are able to swing the hammer and make it work. What does that mean? Simple, these clients had a large group of folks who were already following their work before they came to us. Helping them coordinate getting the word out about the book and letting their existing audience know about their book is our job. It’s as straightforward as planning a campaign to reach out to all the followers at once. Here’s a list of many of the folks we’ve helped so far. If you’re ready profit on your book, find out if you qualify to be a New York Times best-selling by Applying Today, or feel free to contact us.