Publishing Professional Endorsements

Words of Praise for Beneath the Cover

Larry KirshbaumMichael Drew shows aspiring authors how to develop and build the marketing platform they need to become successful.

~ Larry Kirshbaum
Founder LJK Literary Management and Former CEO Time-Warner Publishing

Will Weisser

Michael Drew is an insider’s insider when it comes to publishing.

~ Will Weisser
VP and Associate Publisher, Portfolio / Penguin

It used to be that only  publishing veterans knew the secrets to creating a successful book. But Bob Hughes and Michael Drew unearth what makes a book sell. They take you through everything from knowing your subject, to building your audience and identifying publishing models, to tracking sales and creating high-impact marketing and PR.

~ Jonathan Merkh
VP Publisher Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster

Jere CalmesMichael Drew’s contribution to platform publishing and the changes in book publishing industry is not only spot on and insightful, but what he  has been stating for years.

~ Jere Calmes
Publisher, Publisher Entrepreneur Press

  • David RatnerThe publishing landscape has changed forever and the challenges facing authors have never been greater.  If you are serious about becoming a published author, read Beneath the Cover from cover to cover –the odds will be stacked in your favor.

    ~ David Ratner
    President & COO  Newman Communications

  • Erin SaxtonAs a media and public relations expert, there is one question that I get asked more than any other and that is, “how do I become a published author and get everyone in the world to read it?” For me, answering that very complicated question just got a whole lot easier. Quite frankly there are a few ways to accomplish this goal but those game plans all encompass one name: publishing savant Michael Drew. Michael is setting the bar even higher to a new standard in publishing.

    ~ Erin Saxton
    President Media Strategist The Idea Network

  • Marika FlattI’ve known Michael Drew for a decade as we’ve both been in the book industry. As a book publicist, I respect the Michael’s tenacity, networking and passion for the book industry.

    ~ Marika Flatt
    PR by the Book

  • Clint GreenleafBeneath the Cover is essential reading for any author who wants to learn how to navigate the maze of modern publishing. With their behind-the-scenes knowledge, Michael R. Drew and Robert J. Hughes can help any writer succeed in today’s hyper competitive marketplace.

    ~ Clint Greenleaf
    Founder, CEO, Greenleaf Book Group

  • Among the many publishing challenges authors face becoming a bestseller may not be uppermost — but this is a critical element of any successful writer’s portfolio. As a bookstore sales professional who has worked on hundreds of bestseller campaigns, I’ve long known that books don’t sell themselves: It takes a lot of promotional effort and perseverance… Michael R. Drew and Bob Hughes have isolated the key ingredients authors can use to build their own success…

    ~ Jaylene Owen
    Former Corporate Sales Coordinator of Borders Book Group