What Would Happen If Your Book Was A Best Seller?

It’s the difference between getting your name out and having the world beat a path to your door. It’s the difference between incremental and exponential growth. It’s the difference between simple visibility and explosive success.

What is it? It’s the difference between having a book “published and in print” and having a best seller.

How Will You Promote Your Book?

Creating a best seller is 90% knowledge, secrets and timing, and only about 10% great book. The crazy thing…very few people in the publishing world understand that. Promote A Book does. We’re about you, your book, and the best seller lists. Period. We’ve already created 82 best sellers. (November, 2014)

Will your book be next?

Your Book As A Promotional Tool

Having a book in print gives you a certain amount of credibility and visibility. Let’s face it: authors who have published books — however dull or unprofessional-looking — tend to get the speaking engagements over those who haven’t published books. Similarly, those who have authored national best sellers can command higher fees for their speaking or services than those who have not. For gaining the national spotlight — and the opportunity to talk about your products or services — nothing beats a best-selling book.

Think of your book as an over-sized company brochure or business card. Think of it as a tool for building credibility or visibility. Think of it as a profit center or as a persuasive sales presentation for unknown customers. Your book can be any or all of these things. In the hands of its intended audience, your book generates business, revenue, and exposure.

How Will You Measure Success?

As it pertains to your book or your business, what will cause you to “pop the cork” and celebrate your accomplishments? Fame? Fortune? Making a difference in people’s lives? Once you have that celebration party, what will you have just accomplished? Regardless of how you answer that question, Promote A Book can help.

If you can imagine your book as a best seller, and if you have certain un-leveraged assets, Promote A Book can give your book its very best shot at making the best sellers lists. And doing that could, well, make you famous.

Turning the book you already have into the best seller might be the single most important business decision you ever make. Give your book the chance it deserves. Call Promote A Book.