Wall Street Journal Ebook Bestseller

If you are seeking to gain increased notoriety for you or your book and are not quite ready to go full scale with a New York Times Bestseller campaign, the Digital Bestseller campaign will fit your needs.

This service will get your book on the Wall Street Journal’s and USA Today’s Ebook bestseller lists.

This national bestseller campaign will give you the validation and exposure of having a national bestseller, without the additional media buy, social visibility, and price tag of a New York Times bestseller. It’s a faster way to build the credibility you need.

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What Can Being a Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Do For You?

Becoming a bestselling author can have significant effects on your business, non-profit, your speaking or writing career. Your best seller will take your expert status to the next level.

  • Your visibility as a bestselling author leads to more currency for your ideas and your approach to problem-solving.
  • You become the go-to person in your field.
  • This leads to further opportunities such as being a trusted source for journalists or being asked to contribute op-eds in important publications.
  • Your business grows
  • Your stature rises, your fees increase—until you’re even more than a bestselling author: You’re the authority.

Having a bestselling book is a stepping-stone to further success.

If you are looking to skyrocket your success consider the New York Time Bestseller service,.

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Many of our bestselling authors enjoy business growth by multiples, others see increases in their speaking and consulting fees. Other authors use their bestseller campaign to promote a more successful product launch. Others just gain exposure and attention from media outlets and influencers and grow their audience.

Whatever your goal may be, becoming a bestselling author will break down barriers to that goal.

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Assuming your book is written and you already have a publisher, It typically takes 8 to 12 weeks for an ebook to get on the list, that is from the first date we start planning your campaign til it ends.

The Wall Street Journal best-seller is great for those who want a fast turnaround on gaining an ebook bestseller. It’s a way to gain credibility quickly — anyone with a new service or product will benefit from this.

Become A Bestselling Author

  • Aspiring and growing Influences and thought leaders
  • Consultants and coaches seeking to expand their audience.
  • Fiction and young adult fiction writers
  • Startups, business owners and CEOs.
  • Subject matter experts.
  • Philanthropists.

Graphics-heavy books (anime, cartoons, graphic novels, etc.), and children's books that are dependent on illustrations cannot use this service because of the limitations of ebook formats.

This is also not for those authors whose ambitions and budget allow them to seek the ultimate prize, becoming a New York Times bestselling author.

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Unlike the rigorous New York Times Bestseller standards, the standards to make your way onto the Wall Street Journal and USA Today are sales numbers, but it is also about when and where those sales are reported.

If you already have a large audience and can generate the needed sales numbers, then our service will coordinate the timing and sources of those sales so that you can hit these bestseller lists.

For those that are seeking to hit the bestsellers lists, expand their exposure, build their platform, or build their credibility, then we help you generate those sales and coordinate the timing and sources of those sales.

Become A Bestselling Author

$35k upfront and a $40k bonus fee due when you become a bestseller..

Unlike the New York Times bestseller service which require additional expenses like print and media buy costs, this fee includes everything needed to promote your ebook to national bestseller status.

The only other costs you may need to consider are optional services we provide that can support your effort. So, if you need assistance ghost-writing, editing, designing, branding or publishing your book ask about our content team the services they can provide.

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This service can be completely virtual, no face to face meetings required. Click the link below and apply, we will contact you within 2 business days.

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